screenshots and reviews 
of original (do-it-yourself) Visual Pinball pinsims

The reviews were done regarding the following aspects:
# of balls: I used to play with 3 balls. 5 balls may kill a single good one completely and often the game gets needlessly long and boring.
graphics: Apart from the scripting you will want to have a table that looks interesting or even as you would expect a real machine to look. This can cost you a lot of work and time to put colors and images on the right places! So the tables vary very much. With every new version new options will get possible.
lost: Some tables will kill your ball in seconds=6. As well as bad is a ball that just won´t get lost.
fun: Most important. Is it fun playing the table. Even tables with a bad "lost" rating may be fun (with a rare good ball) playing.
game: Important. Do you have a chance with a good ball to hit the jackpot and other features of the table? Are there tasks to play for and/or timers used.
table layout: Important. A pinsim looses his attractivness when there are only some targets and spinners to hit. The same applies to repeated hit targets that always count the same. Are there many targets, spinners, holes, ramps or other features to play for? The more the better.

A #1 is good wheras #6 is a bad mark. As reviews depend on the person who makes them, these reviews and ratings are therefore subjectiv. Nowadays I surely would rate several pinsims different.

The latest versionnumber is listed and the date of first release in Visual Pinball. Of course my personal highscore mustn`t be missing and at last a summary if there is something to say about the table.

To watch screenshots and the review of these VP tables I use jalbum with the marvellous

fotoplayer skin for VP originals

Fotoplayer still seems to me the most comprehensive skin for jalbum.

Fotoplayer is easy to manage.
  • you can vary the changing speed of the picture slideshow
          from 2-7 seconds
  • moving the mouse over the upper / lower thumb-list
           starts scrolling
           (up or down) or draw the scrollbar
           (screenshot-list in alphabetical order)

  • clicking on a thumb will show the screenshot in the main screen
  • to use full screen press (back with Esc)
  • to enlarge the screenshot or parts of it you may use the zoom!
  • to get back to FP/VP click on "back" at upper leftt side of the thumbs-list