software for pinball construction

You played your pinballs up and down but nothing new comes your way! Why not construct a table by yourself!
There are some pinball-kits that help you build your own table! There are the following four programs to construct pinball tables that I know of.

I didn`t work with them, so it´s up to you to decide if one of the pinball-kits is the one for you. You want to have the best physics? In the era of Visual Pinball and Future Pinball there is only the choice of one of the two of them.
Both need knowledge of scripting. A good graphical Programm won`t hurt. The layout, the counting and all extras you invent for your table is all up to you!

Visual Pinball

Who has got some knowledge in VBscripting will find himself in the absolute dreamland for pinball construction. Early tables like Black Knight 2000 or Addam`s Family in 3D with absolute realistic ballmovement prove it by all means!

With this freeware-program for windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista (Mac- and Linuxversions not available!) it is no problem at all to built new tables or copy real pinball machines with all rules,videogames etc. Your tables should be placed in the www for download for the surely growing fan community of Visual Pinball.

The creating of the layout is rather easy (and the part I like most) but depending on the expense and quality of the graphical work you want (scripting that`s necessary), it will take some time and effort.
Since 2009 the new version VP9 is on air. Don`t use VP8 any more for developing, the future lies on VP9!

Instant playable, you see the results of your latest layout or scripting.

Future Pinball

followed 2005 as Visual Pinballs successor (VP/VPinMame is still alive!). It`s based on OpenGL and delievers what you are used to in VP. It only runs on winXP or Vista, so the few win 98 users as myself had to change to XP/Vista to stay up to date! In April 2006 the change was done. But what an annoyance, the brilliant pictures of FP-tables need a high-quality graphic-card, certainly more then my my GeForce4 MX440 at that time with 30 frames/s. I have to close down everything that requires power and still it runs kind of slow. Again VBscripting is needed.

Juliettaeditor 4 Well, if you played a Julietta table you probably won`t spend much time with this one!
Pinball Construction Kit
by 21ST century 1996
It promises more than actually can be done with it. Outer tablewalls are more or less fixed. Bumpers etc can only be placed in given areas. Special features seem not to be possible. The result is instantly playable. The physics are rather good. After placing your targets you may assign points for counting to them.
Pinball Wizard 2000
by Ikarion Software 1996
The CD comes with several tables plus a construction kit. The graphics could be better and sometimes there is peculiar ballmovement. It seems to me that you have quite some means to construct your table. Some programming knowledge shoudn`t harm. Adressing points to targets and counting altogether seems very flexible.