usage of the "DOSBox" to play old DOS pinball simulations under
windows (XP + Vista)

was developed to play old DOS-games that won`t run on modern PCs anymore. It is an open source DOS emulator for BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, and Windows. You can even slow down or speed up the game a little bit.

When using DOSBox for the first time about 2006, I didn`t get anything to run. I guess I just didn`t read or understood the instructions how to mount the virtual drives (your native drive with your programs and the CD-drive are named in DOSBox as drive C: and D:).

In 2008 I gave it a new start and I wondered how simple it was:

  1. install DOSBox (unzipped) to a new folder of a native drive,usually C:
  2. mount the native drive where you want to install the pinsims (best within the drive of step 1)
  3. create the new folder for your games (under XP/Vista)
  4. mount your CD drive as D: (when DOSBox is C:)
  5. go to D: (would be your CD drive) and look for a file to install the game (install .....exe/bat or else)
  6. install the pinsim to the folder you choosed/opened in step 3
  7. follow instructions especially with sound (soundblaster usually works)
  8. change to that folder of #6 (often the name of the pinsim)and look for a file to start the game (name of
    the pinsim or else ...exe/bat... and doubleclick. The game should run now.

This is a list the official list of DOS-pinsims running under DOSBox and on the right some more pinsims I tested.

Absolute Pinball Royal Flush
EPIC Pinball Pinball Mania
Extreme Pinball Steel Shot
Hyper 3D Pinball / Tilt 3D-VCR (with bad physics+speed)
Living Pinball
Night Mission
Pinball Wizard 2000/Construction kit
Pinball Dreams 1+2
Pinball Fantasies
Pinball Illusions
Pinball Magic
Pinball World
Psycho Pinball

I`m still trying to get pinball warriors to run, but I don`t get into the menue. Just one table (Robot) is playable.

In version 0,65 (actual one in 2008=0,72) you can play Pinball Illusions with a no scrolling (small) resolution! I have the problem, that the flippers are cut off, I see only the tip of them when using them. The screen is small but you see where to shoot at! It seems possible to change the resolution for some tables to have a smaller but not scrolling playfield.