pinball simulations for home video
and handheld consoles / work stations

My career on pinball simulation started with CD`s and floppys for the PC in Dos and win95... The oldest, Pinball Magic from 1989 on a 3,5 disc! Same goes for Crystal Caliburn (1993), Eight Ball Deluxe (1994) as well as Screamball (1993) on 5 discs running under DOS on a 80486 or compatible with 33Mhz or better!
Simulations from the www usually are unplayable with poor physics and very simple graphics and layouts. =>
Offline emulators usually have ways to configure and adjust speed and screensize and other.

The pinsim simulations of the 80`s + early 90`s for the consoles from Amiga, Atari and Commodore are rather poor in graphics, physics and layout, no fun playing playfield of Commodore 4 Aces from 1984 . Pinball simulations from the early 90`s on are getting better and you may have fun playing by all means. Much more common unlike PC-sims is the use of animated moving targets and bonus/extra tables playfield of The Hedgehog (Sonic Pinball, Gameboy 2003).
Some have scrolling playfields (even sideways !). Well that get`s you back into the mid 90`s where the Pro Pinball series set the standard, in my opinion never been reached by any other pinsim on CD.

So I didn`t play the pinball simulations very often and certainly didn`t get all of their features. Some emulators can be used for several consoles, frontends like retroarch or launchbox help you organize you pinsims (and other console games).
Important using an emulator is the key configuration for the keyboard. It is necessary to change the button configuration of the game control otherwise you may have keys for the flippers that seem strange and are not usable on a keyboard (or use a real game controller plugged in).
My standard if possible is: Shiftleft=left flipper, Ctrlright=right flipper, plunger sometimes arrow down/z(y), select mode return/Ctrlright/Y. Other keys like y/x/a/s/z/space should be tested if/what they perform.

I didn`t care much about pinsims for consoles, they just didn`t look ed too promising (scrolling on tiny screens). As for the variety of consoles you would have had to commit yourself to one company and only got to know only their pinsims. And pinsims weren`t their main purpose, on the contrary!
Same goes for pinsims for smartphones these days but they have usually good physics, brilliant graphics and mostly no scrolling (but a screensize of about 5 to 6,5 inch. Too small for real fun with pinball! Controlling by touchscreen isn`t the same as by buttons/keys.

One woudn`t believe it, but not before 2019, when I felt like looking for new online pinsims, I got aware of online platforms that offered to play consoles pinball simulations by emulators for I guess every console (not all starting and often the ball speed is a problem).

Following you find some sites for playing pinsims online for all types of consoles others not listed and some sites are specific for one type of console or company. Lots of them offer the download of different emulators (Win, MAC, Linux) and game roms. Not all may work on win10 1909, made in times of XP or win7. Games may be different for USA/Europe/Japan. Configuring the keys on a keyboard is usually necessary (sometimes left/right flipper keys are right-left reversed!). I didn`t check if all pinsims run!
Emulators itself seem legal but the download for necessary BIOS or roms will probably be illegal when protected by copyright. Same will go for the use of online sites that use the same software. So at least one should watch out for any case law specifically about video roms!

To see screenshots and reviews of console pinsims I use jalbum with the very flexible

tiger skin for console pinsims

The earlier skin Fotoplayer was marvelous but was running only with flash playaer so I (had to) changed.

The reviews were done regarding the following aspects:
# of balls: I would say half pinsims start with (my favorite) 3, half with 5 balls.
physics: You encounter everything from miserable to clearly fewer ones with close to natural ball movement and rebounce.
graphics: Many are made for advertising, not always well done. Standard is 2D rarely 3D and several with scrolling even some with sideways scrolling.
table layout: A boring pinsim has only few targets or bumpers to hit. Not very interesting may be the counting when repeated hit targets always count the same. One needs an increase of action! How many (moving) targets, spinners, holes, ramps or other features to play for? The more the better.
lost: Some tables will kill your ball in seconds=6. As well as bad is a ball that just won´t get lost.
game: Do you have a chance with a good ball to hit the jackpot and other features of the table? Are there tasks to play for and/or timers used.
fun: Is it fun playing the table. Even tables with a bad "lost" rating may be fun (with a rare good ball) playing.
A #1 is good wheras #6 is a bad mark. As reviews depend on the person who makes them, these reviews and ratings are therefore completely subjectiv at the time done.
Of course my personal highscore mustn`t be missing. If there is something to say about the table, it will be at the end.

online emulator sites
  • www.retrogames   old Nintendos: Epic Pb, Pb, Pb Dreams, Video Pb
  •   Timon&Pumbaa´s, Pb4000, Pb World, Extreme Pb, Psycho Pb, Tristan, Absolute Pb, Epic Pb
  •   all platforms: Pb Thrillride, Austin Powers Pb, CrüeBall, Devil`s Crush, Extreme Pb,Hardcore Pb, Hollywood Pb,Kiss Pb, The Little MermaidII Pb, Pb Arcade, Muppet Pb Mayhem, Pac-Man Pb, Revenge of the `Gator, Pb Advance,Pb Challenge, Pb Deluxe,Pb Dreams,Pb FantasiesPb Jam, Pb Mania, Pb Quest, Pb Tycoon,Power Rangers Zeo, Pro Pb, Psycho Pb, Sonic Pb PParty, True Pb, Virtual Pb,Wizard Pb
  •   all platforms: Sonic Spinball, Sonic Pb Party, Pb Advance,Psycho Pb, Pb Fantasies, Virtual Pb, Behind the Mask, Pb Quest, Pb Challenge,, Pb Dreams, Hardcore Pb, The Pb of the Dead, Pac-Man Pb, Pb Tycoon, CrüeBall, Pb Jam, Galactic Pb, Pb Pb, Video Pb, Super Pb, Devil`s Crash Naxat Pb, Family Pb, Battle Pb, Pb Challenge Deluxe, Super Pb II, Ruiner Pb, Fairy Pb
  •   all platforms: Pb Pb, Pb, Dream Pb 3D, pb Jam, Pb Fantasies, Pb Dreams, kiss Pb, Extreme Pb, Patriotic Pb, Pb Quest, Pb Maker, Pb Deluxe, Super Pb, Behind the MAsk, Hollywood Pb, Pb Tycoon, Pb Mania, Pb Advance, Pb of the Dead, Virtual Pb, Thrillride, Ruiner Pb, Battle Pb, Ottifanten Pb, Pb Quest, Pokemon Pb, Kirby no Pb, Family Pb, Pb Arcade, Pac-Man Pb+Advance, Wizard Pb, Metroid Prime Pb, Little MermaidII, Pb Tycoon, Revenge of the Gator, Devil`s Crush, Powershot Constructor, Muppet Pb Mayhem, Sonic Pb Party, Mario Pb Land, Super Robot Pb, Pb 66hiki, Psycho Pb, Super Pn II, Pokemon Pb Ruby, Hero Pb Party, CrüeBall, 2in1 Sonioc Battle
  •   all platforms: Pokemon Pb Ruby, Kirby`s Pbland, Sonic Spinball, Mario Pb Land, Sonic Pb Party, Pokemon Pb, Virtual Pb, Metroid Prime Pb, Galactic Pb, Devils`s Crush Pb, Pb Dreams, Pb, Pb Fantasies, Pb Challenge Deluxe, Thrillride, Pac-Man Pb, Psycho Pb, Pb Tycoon, Behind the MAsk, Ruiner Pb, Revenge of the Gator, Muppet Pb Mayhem, Pb Advance
  •   all platforms: Pac-Man Pb Advance, Sonic Pb Party, Muppet Pb Mayhem, The Gateway, The Pb of the Dead, Power Rangers Zeo, Behind the MAsk, Pb Advance, Pb Dreams, Kiss Pb, Super Pb II, Psycho Pb, Revenge of the GAtor, Sonic Spinball,, Pb Jam, Battle Pb, Pro Pb, Pb Arcade, CrüeBall, Little MermaidII, Pb Fantasies, thrillride, True Pb, Virtual Pb, Pb Challenge Deluxe Hollywood Pb, Pb Deluxe, Hardcore Pb, Pb Mania, Extreme Pb, Pb Tycoon, Pb Dreams, Hot Pb, Austin Power`s Pb, Video Pb, Patriotic Pb