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No review existing yet (not getting them started under DOS-emulation anymore) or it is a pinsim I don`t own! You may look what more CD`s I have. They might be listed in the upper list some time. 
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If You have one of these pinsims (or others I don`t know of) and don`t need it anymore, I would appreciate if you let me know.

released pinball simulations on CD or for download since about 2002

Attack of the Silver Ballwas released around the end of 2002 with the tables called Mafia Madness and Paladin Wing. The graphics are good, the ballphysics very good. What I doesn`t like is some scrolling. The switching to the normal view is too fast, the ball then is hard to control. The demo (31MB) of Mafia Madness is playable about 5 minutes. The tables have animated targets and bonusgames!
This one seems to be a must have.

I didn`t think since VP a new CD-pinsim would be realized. Little Wing has done it with Jinni Zeala (2002). The demo is playable for just 99 seconds so you won`t get to the specialities of the table. The table itself looks good and the physics are OK.
For most of Little Wing pinsims exist an (Intel) Mac-version!

Wild Snake comes (2003) with another pinsims in 3D and good physics. Christmas Tree is nice to play but featuereless.
Invasion Pinball is a breakout clone. Hitting the external rounded wall the ball always rolles along the wall down to the bottom/flippers. Rather boring! A Demo can be downloaded from Little Wing (30 minute trial).

Another start in pinsims from Little Wing is called Monster Fair (2004). You can buy it by internet and downlod the pinsim. Physics and graphics as can be expected from Little Wing pinsims.

A release called Pinball with over 30 mostly completely playable tables. 3 are new with rather poor playing. The same layouts with different names in 2+3D make another ~20 tables. The rest are Judge Dredd, Avengers, Roswell, Kick-Off etc.

The pinsim Russian Pinball of 2005 with 3 tables all have the same layout with simply different names (Demokratie, Kommunismus, Diktatur / democracy, communism, dictatorship). Moderate gameplay, physics and graphics ok.
Seems to be a german release.

In 2005 a new pinsim is called Fastlane Pinball with high requirement for graphic. Graphics itself is nothing special, physics ok. Unplayable beast, bacause 80% of the ball hitting the slingshots are shot into the outlanes! (and from some targetholes the ball is shot where? yes directly at the slingshots...! Table with rather poor gameplay. It`s not worth buying.

Another release with 6 tables from rondomedia with modest playing and physics and not as good as expected. Ultimate Pinball Challenge.
It seems to be a german edition.

A rather uninteresting release from a german comedian with modest playing and physics (as comedian he was in his days quite good). It`s not worth buying. Ottifanten, Ostfriesen Pinball. It`s a german edition.

One of the better pinsim with 6 tables is called Dream Pinball 3D happened without me noticing in mid-july. A worldwide highscore contest("Cyber Pinball Worldcup 2006") for advertising with one of the 6 tables (Two World Pb) as a free download (ca. 102MB) took place until august 31.The hardware configuration is very pretentious (under winXP). Graphics and physics are good.The table Two World Pb allows you rather long lasting balls but without getting too much points and change. I got 1.378.651.450 millions that would fit with rank 66. Except for a MB I didn´t make out many other specials that seem pretty difficult to activate and especially to complete. The other tables are called: Knight Tournament, Monsters, Dino Wars, Spinning Rotors, Aquatic.

Again seemingly a (only german?) release as a follower of Ultimate Pinball with 3 tables. Theme is the football worldchampionchip in 2006. Real killer tables with poor gameplay. It`s not worth buying.
Pinball Fussball Edition 2006.

Rondomania starts another release (only german?) in 2007 with 3 tables. It is called Hot Pinball ("the erotic pinball action"!!??) Nothing was changed. Still fast killer-tables. The playfields themselves are quite interesting but with rather moderate gameplay and unimaginative counting. Hot Pinball.

Another newly released pinball simulation is called 3D Pinball Unlimited with 4 tables. The demo table western release has average graphics and relatively good physics. The funfactor is moderate and special tasks seem to be missing.
3D Pinball Unlimited.

Mega Pinball, a pinball collection with 3 pinsims, Monster Rhapsody, Crystal Tower and Dragons Layer released in 2006.

A Disney release of 2007 is called Aladdin Pinball with 3 levels/tables.

Another Disney pinsim Pirates of the Carribbean Pinballmust have been released sometime around 2007 or 08.

A pinball pack of about 8 tables came in 2007. It`s called Powershot Pinball with several pinball style tables and two fantasie style tables. It lookes like the graphics are rather below average and the physics ??

Little Wing comes with a new pinball simulation called Fairy Tower around 2007. As all of them, you can buy them (rather expensive) online and download the table. Guess it will be an interesting table as all of the Little Wing series are quite good to play.

My newest 3 table pinball collection is called Las Vegas Pinball. The ball is pretty jumpy on the flippers and you won`t get a decent ball. The counting is unimaginative. It`s a rather disappointing new release.

The latest Little Wing pinball simulation Mad Daedalus was released sometime in 2010. Again, you can buy it (rather expensive) online and download the table as well for a timelimited demo. It is an interesting one to play but a real killer.

With X-Box you could play several pinsims under the name of Pinball FX2. In may 2013 Microsoft has released several (23) of their tables/tablepacks to work on the free platform "steam" to run under XP/Vista/Win7+8 with rather moderate system requirements. I will try them in the near future, but they look very promising and a price per table of about 3-4$ is just acceptable.