pinball maniac or pinball addicted?

After playing almost all of the VP-releases and trying to keep this site up to date, it seemed to be time, to make a table by myself. To construct the playfield seemed rather easy and is real fun but the scipting in Visual Basic, unknown to me, was some problem. Some tutorials, pasting and changing of other scripts (they are all totally different!) meant learning by try and error. It certainly takes a lot of time and some problems still exist. As a result GOOD MORNING came into life.

Since then time just faded away so I  just started some tablelayouts but almost no scripting and graphical work.  Now I would have to learn sripting all over again and I´m still short of time. So playing and testing all the other pinsim creations is all I do (still takes enough time testing the tables!).

Have fun playing it! Beat my high-score of 1.306.240!

download Good Morning pinsim
07 / 2002     GOOD