Boxer for DOS - pinsims on Apple

Boxer is a very easy and comfortable to use Emulation for old DOS - games to use on Apple computers (not working under windows). Few things have to be done and the pinsim is copied once from the CD and will run from Boxer (in a virtual drive) without having to insert the CD in the future. You can easily manage to have your pinsim start from the bookshelf without questions for an .exe or .bat command.
Play your original old DOS-game and manage the speed if necessary.

Several pinsims were made for Windows and Mac as well. I didn`t check and played Mac-versions and I don`t know wich OS (7,8,9,10,11) version is needed for these pinsims. I worked on Leopard/Snow Leopard (later El Capitan but never testing pinsims) but I think they will still run. The other way would be win nativ on boot camp. You will have the advantage to run Visual Pinball and Future Pinball (both are said to be running ok). Running windows on a virtual machine needs enough RAM and power but should work.
As far as I know the following pinsims were made to run on Mac`s (2015) not tested!:

for iPhone