Visual Pinball

The webpage of Randy Davis, "father" and programmer of Visual Pinball is found at Randy Davis VP webpage. You will find infos on VP, history, news, screenshots and a download of VP. With VP, running since win XP and successors ..Win10 you can create your own pinsim that are instantly playable. The physics are exellent. What you need to do: you have to do VB-scripting. By the scripting you determine the rules of what will happen when a target is beeing hit, the counting and everything elses reaction you want to install into the pinsim. The second part that has to be done is the layout of the playfield that you want to be appealing to the players. So a good graphical program will be of use.

The VP community has already over 2250 ( end of 2016)! pinsims of VP on the www. Remakes of original tables (recreations) and selfdesigned ones. Since version VP9 it isn`t fully backward compatible, tables of VP8 have to be redesigned to run without problems under VP9. The possibilities of what can be done are growing steadily, you will be surprised again and again anew.
The newest VP version is called VPX. In some tables the ballpyhysics seems too fast and somehow a bit worse than in VP. Might be because of my low budget graphiccard ?! Alltogether for my PC arrangement there seem more problems than before. Backends and other new "helpers" exist but most went by me. Its getting more and more kind of a science to install and play VP.
Since the start of Future Pinball the new number of pinsims has cut back drastically.

VPinMame is an emulator that enables the original rules, lights, counters and videogames to work hand in hand with Visual Pinball. Wheras VP (X) is responsible for the ballphysics and the appearance of the playfield. This means realisations of original pinball machines you might have played yesterday become reality at your PC. Meanwhile there exist over 580 tables with VPinMame. For VP9 more and more tables have been redesigned to run properly. At the start of 2017 VP9 and VPX run parallel in table recreation.
Even if Future Pinball can`t cope with roms yet FP pinsims of machines of the 90´s an later are released. Still no competition to VPinMame.

Problems with VP and VPinMame are rare, the forum at VPForum will usually be of help and you will be given tips to solve your specific problem. For VPinMame you need apart from the unzipped table file the zipped romfile in the suggested/choosen folder that was asked for when installing VPinMame.