Online Pinball

Online games certainly became with fast Internet popular. The possibility to play against numerous strangers of different strength makes online games so very attractive.

But pinball is played one at a time so there is no direct challenging. The only thing that counts playing pinball is to get your initials high up in some high-score list. Playing will be on your own with no one to applause.

Online pinsims are often made for advertesing. They are very different in quality. You find many pinsims with rather poor physics and rarely good graphics and themes. Ballspeed varies from an unrealistic slow to unnaturly fast.

Sometimes you have to be registred to play. Often you need the Macromedia Flash Shockwave playaer installed. The games are loaded fast.

I have found almost none online-pinsim that was reasonably good to play. The only ones with reasonable physics, good graphics, gameplay and layout even with a videogame are X-stream. You may as well try out Alice Cooper, Cereal Factory, Moneyshot Pb, Pepsi Pb, Planktons Revenge, Prinz Kaspian Pb, Road Hockey, Starsky&Hutch, Tiki Quest!

New ones added in April 2011. After that I didn`t search for new ones but think the time for online pinsims at least on the PC is over. Most of the following pinsims are currently playable.

Scroll with your mouse over the thumbs (they are ordered alphabetically)!
On the left larger images with the name and a rating will be displayed. Left mouse click to fix it there until next one.

You find most of the online pinsims at