When I had my first PC (I started very late) I didn`t know what shareware meant. I just thought that 50 pinballs for a few $ is a fantastic give away price! When I startet to play I wondered why some had only one ball or the game stopped after a few minutes. Usually several of the tables were rather unplayable old DOS pinballs.Rarely do have shareware CD`s better and fully playable pinsims.

Really annoying are many covers. They hardly tell you how many fully playable pinsims (or their names) and how many shareware "hits" are included. Even for the purpose to get to know the tables, I think it is wasted money. Only few shareware-CD`s have better and more actual pinsims. On the cover very often the names of only a few tables are noted.
From about 2007 on it doesn`t make sense to buy shareware, as there are very few new releases on CD. As well as I havn`t seen any new ones lately.

The CD might have an interesting name that tells nothing about shareware. So be careful what you buy, shareware is in my opinion not worth it.

In the following list, I show screenshots of some CD´s I´m pretty sure have there main focus on shareware. I can´t give a guarantee if the listed tables are the real ones on the CD and if or how many fully playable tables are included.

In the second list you can see screenshots of pinball-packs with usually fully playable pinsims. Please note again that I can´t give a guarantee as to what tables are on the CD and if they are all full versions. Collections of programmers/producers of pinsims are common (kind of "Greatest Hits"). Most CD´s listed are/were available on the european market in 2015 .

shareware CD´s